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My name is Jon Kane Houldsworth, award winning photographer, film-maker and cinemagraph artist from New Zealand. This is my personal site featuring a fast growing portfolio of my stock videos available on Adobe, Pond5 & Shutterstock.

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My name is Jon Kane Houldsworth from New Zealand. Part-time, long-term, ex-professional photographer and film-maker. I now work in brand marketing and creative while indulging my love of motion picture photography and cinemagraph art on the side. This is my personal site featuring a fast growing portfolio of videos available to purchase and license through traditional digital art platforms and NFTs in the CryptoArt space.

Visual Voracist!

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I was always drawn to capturing life, ever since I was a little boy of the 80’s playing with my grandfathers Polaroid and my parents home video camera.  Starting on film, tape then memory cards… it has remained a lifelong passion and I’m still that child at heart! I specialize in Cinemagraph Art, motion pictures that appear like fine art photography with isolated areas of seamless looping motion within them, the perfect format for the future of digital art displays like Samsung Frame TV’s. The rise of NFTs on Blockchain as a form of collectible digital art in the Crypto Art world is an exciting development, further bringing the value of motion art into peoples lives.


I worked in film & television for a number of years where I honed the craft alongside design and editing. But I eventually moved into business and now work as a creative brand manager. This has allowed me to understand what brands need to tell a story but it also allowed me to re-discover the pure freedom of photography & video as a hobby on the side, for nothing more than the love of creating digital art! Some of my work documents simple moments in time, others tell more universal truths of life on this strange rock called earth!


Awards and Features:

Winner of Instagram Business Video of the Year 2016 – my work was displayed ina specially curated digital art exhibition for the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity.

Winner of Sigma D-Photo Photographer of the year, Video Category for my Looping Cinemagraph Art.

First cinemagraph artists featured on the main @instagram account in 2015 with feature interview on the Instagram Blog and huge amount of followers and interest generated in my work overnight!

My Cinemagraph Art was featured on a giant billboard over Times Square for 2 days in 2018 by Flixel Photos.

Where to buy my work:

Watch my Twitter feed for new releases and visit my portfolios on sites below with more to come soon.

Foundation.appCurated NFT & Crypto Art Market for Rare single edition works

Rarible – Open NFT & Crypto Art Market – invest in digital art secured on the blockchain as NFT’s (Non Fungible Tokens)

Superrare / Makersplace – in submission and coming soon!

Makersplace & – (Blockchain NFT & Crypto Art Market) Rare single edition works – in submission and coming soon!

NIIO – buy, rent or stream art casts to dedicated art screens in your home or business. Niio is fast becoming the go to platform for gallery curators and artists alike in the digital art world.

Blackdove – a digital motion art gallery representing today’s most compelling global artists all packaged in a mobile application. Imagine your television elevating in purpose to fill your environment with beautiful modern motion artwork.

About Me | Cinemagraphs & Motion Art by Jon Kane Houldsworth aka @mrjonkane