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My name is Jon Kane Houldsworth, award winning photographer, film-maker and cinemagraph artist from New Zealand. This is my personal site featuring a fast growing portfolio of my stock videos available on Adobe, Pond5 & Shutterstock.

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My name is Jon Kane Houldsworth from New Zealand. I specialize in Fine Art Motion Photography for the Digital Renaissance, crafting timeless works of magical realism through lenses, light and raw data. This is my personal site featuring a fast growing portfolio of videos available to purchase and license through traditional digital art platforms and NFTs in the CryptoArt space.



I was always drawn to capturing life, even as a kid of the 80’s playing with my grandfathers Polaroid and cutting videos to VHS. It has remained a lifelong passion and I’m still that child at heart!

I grew up surrounded by art. My mother was an incredible artist and around age 7 I would go to the art school with her… that is until I admitted to stealing $2 from a tip jar in the art school cafeteria and she made me go back to apologize, I don’t think I ever returned after that! I spent countless hours looking through her ArtNews magazines and peeking at the charcoal nudes she hid under the bed. We spent time at galleries and amongst her artist friends, from painters to potters and I would absorb myself in the stunning old black and white photos from my parents youth. It’s the photography that stuck with me.

I eventually went to art school but maybe it was the trauma of my early art school experience and I only lasted a few years. So began my travel and life adventures that lead me to where I am now some 25 years later. Art requires life experience and they can’t teach that. My career moved through web design, photographic restoration, to film and television and into business and brand management but it’s the photography that stuck.


My Work


I merge the timeless and collectible beauty of stills photography with the magic of motion pictures. Captured as pure lens based light and data, in high resolution 12bit cinemaDNG raw. I don’t animate still photos. I craft works of magical realism for digital art displays in a collectors home or commercial space or proudly held in an online wallet.

Now minted as single or limited edition NFTs on the Blockchain, my work is growing in value not only for their timeless nature but as a future proof format. Motion art photography has an intrinsically collectible value and is being viewed by collectors as a diversified contrast to the 3D and graphical arts that are dominating the digital art market.

At the end of the day I’m obsessed with what I do, it is the culmination of everything I am and I believe intensely in the power of photography to connect us as humans on this strange rock we call home.


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Where to Buy


Watch my Twitter feed for new releases and visit my portfolios on sites below with more to come soon.

Known Origin – Curated NFT & Crypto Art Market where I release my premium single edition works

Foundation.appCurated NFT & Crypto Art Market where I release my premium single edition works

Opensea – Open NFT & Crypto Art Market where I sometimes list Collections.

Blackdove – a digital motion art gallery representing today’s most compelling global artists all packaged in a mobile application. Imagine your television elevating in purpose to fill your environment with beautiful modern motion artwork.


Awards & Features

Winner of Instagram Video of the Year 2016 – my work was displayed in a specially curated digital art exhibition for the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity.

Winner of Sigma D-Photo Photographer of the year, Video Category for my Looping Cinemagraph Art.

First cinemagraph artists featured on the main @instagram account in 2015 with feature interview on the Instagram Blog and huge amount of followers and interest generated in my work overnight!

My Cinemagraph Art was featured on a giant billboard over Times Square for 2 days in 2018 by Flixel Photos.

About Me | Motion Art & Photography by Mr Jon Kane aka @mrjonkane